JFK: The Untold Stories– Major Archibald E. Roberts


I have been so busy for the last year and a half researching, interviewing and writing my new book:  JFK: The Untold Stories.  After writing Orville Nix:  The Missing JFK Assassination Film, I had grandiose plans of writing 4 more books—one about Henry Wade, one about little known stories (the one I’m writing now), one about the women of the JFK case, one about the JFK Researchers and hopefully a follow up to new information about the Nix film.  Suffice it to say, this will be my last book about the JFK Assassination unless we find key information about the Nix film.

In that vein, I hope to write blogs sharing information about the book before its release.  The one today is about Arch Roberts.  For those unaware of who Arch Roberts is, he was the Public Information officer for General Edwin Walker in Munich and subsequently an outspoken extreme right wing speaker after his return from Germany.

In my many interviews with Larrie Schmidt, he shared with me how Arch Roberts tried to get Larrie, who was also a PIO in Germany to share the  “Pro Blue” troop information program Roberts directed and wrote under Walker’s command.  The Pro-Blue program, modeled closely on the John Birch Society Blue Book was a warning to servicemen about the “communist” element within the troops.  As Walker described it in his “Memoirs”:

Under the Pro Blue Program, troops of the 24th Division were required to participate in a series of indoctrination methods that included publications from the John Birch Society and supplied by Hargis. Service members and their families were required to participate in 11 different special activities, including a six-hour training session involving “communist techniques,” the Freedom vs. Communism program, the Freedom Speaks program which offered lectures from Pro Blue writings, and the Ladies Club and NCO Wives Club, which were discussion groups featuring guest lectures on anti-communism.

Schmidt was totally against this and “leaked” this information to a female journalist in Munich who happily ran the story in Overseas Weekly.  Senators Strom Thurmond and John Tower entered the program into the Congressional Record, and the war of rhetoric was on.  This led to the dismissal of both Walker and Roberts.  Roberts sued and was reinstated; Walker resigned.

Back in the states, the JFK Administration was the extreme rights worst nightmare come true.  JFK embodied everything Walker hated:  he was Catholic, he was liberal, and he was sympathetic to the United Nations. The only 2 things that could have made JFK a five star hate for Walker would have been if he were Jewish or a member of the Beatles.  Walker and many others felt this “new music” was a Communist plot to indoctrinate youth.

To combat this creeping communism, Walker and Roberts hit the lecture circuit with the afore-mentioned Kip’s Big Boy look-alike Reverend Billy Hargis along with the likes of JFK Assassination interests John Martino, Carlos Bringuier, former Army chief of intelligence General Charles Willoughby, and Congressman John Rousselot to join them.

I hope you find this interesting.  Again, my new book “JFK: The Untold Stories” won’t answer “who” killed JFK but will give you background into the history of the times and maybe add some pieces to the puzzle.  Let me know what you think.

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